Tuck Under Garage [Everything Explained]

While building a home, your architect may suggest you build a tuck under garage. But before building one, you might want to know what exactly it is, what features it comes with, and if it is a good option or not.

Tuck-under garages are typically built beneath the living room of a one- or two-story home. They are an efficient way of saving space as they require only a small portion of the building itself. They should be designed properly to avoid any risk or associated problems in your home.

Let’s talk in detail about what it’s like to have a tuck-under garage, and all the benefits and problems.

What Is A Tuck Under Garage?

Tuck under garages are popular in the hilly states of the US. I’m sure you’ve seen quite a lot of them while driving past a neighborhood.

Tuck under garages are partially or completely positioned under the first floor of your home. In most cases, they face the front of the house beside the entrance, and sometimes they are a level below in the underground.

People from the colder regions prefer to under the garage tuck since they can trap heat and stay warm. But many people feel the necessity of insulating it for more comfort. Tuck under garages generally has walkout access to the outside of the home directly.

Should You Build A Tuck Under Garage?

Tuck under garages is one of the most efficient of its kind. We’ll divide it into multiple segments.

1. Aesthetics

You might have always imagined that garages are meant to be ugly and distracting, ruining the look of your home. But this is absolutely not true in this case.

Tuck under garages can change the aesthetics of your house to a great extent. They always look organized and in order with the shape of your home. Another great thing about tuck under garages is that you can color match them with your house.

2. Save Space

They can be fairly easy to accommodate. You can easily save those extra spaces by building a tuck under garage. If you have ample space in the basement or ground floor, they will easily fit in there.

3. Easy Setup And More Storage

The setup of a tuck under garage is also fairly easy compared to traditional detached garages. The electricity, plumbing, and other services can easily be managed from inside the house.

They allow you to have some extra space to keep your things other than your car. You might not need to have a storeroom if you have a tuck under the garage.

4. Easily Accessible And More Privacy

Since they are a part of your house, you have more access to the tuck under garages. It is easier to keep your belongings there safely. If your property doesn’t have an adequate driveway, tuck under garage is the best solution for you.

They assure you of more safety. You can safely work there overnight and keep valuable things without the risk of them getting stolen. You can go to your garage at any hour without leaving your house. That, for me, is the best advantage of all.

Example of under garage tuck

The Disadvantages Of Having A Tuck Under Garage

There are some major drawbacks and hassles to building a tuck-under garage. The extra cost of construction, uneven ground, insulation fees, and venting are the most common ones.

1. The Cost of Construction

The cost of construction is sometimes higher than traditional garages. In particular, if you have uneven grounds or if you’re living in hilly areas, the cost will increase by a good margin. Uneven ground can cause water accumulation inside the garage or in the driveway.

It is also difficult to find enough space to install all the structures. You may also need to spend some cash on a driveway. For these reasons, you may need to spend more.

2. Insulation Cost

It’s necessary to insulate your garage. It will help your garage stay warm in the winter and cold in the summer. In the case of a tuck under the garage, it is more important since the garage is in direct contact with your home. Extra heat can radiate through the ceiling and make your house warmer.

Proper insulation will cost you a good amount of money.

3. Improper Ventilation

Ventilation and air circulation are two of the most crucial things in a garage that you must ensure at any cost. Garages tend to accumulate more fumes and hazardous gases, including carbon monoxide. If there is no proper ventilation, they may lead to long-term health issues if exposed for a prolonged period.

It generally does not have proper air circulation. As a result, you must ensure that the gases and fumes emitted by your machines and heaters are vented outside of the garage.

Blocking the airway passage to the house and the installation of ventilation can be costly.

FAQs Related to Tuck Under Garage

Can I Make A Basement Under My Garage?

Yes, you can build a basement beneath your garage. But it’s better to build both at the same level. Since garages hold an immense amount of weight, it is recommended to build them along with the basement. It will give you more space and weight capacity.

Do Garage Door Openers Last Long?

Garage door openers last a long time, usually at least 10 years. If they get worn out, try changing the battery. It will fix the issue in most cases.

My garage opener isn’t working. What should I do?

The problem can be related to the door itself, the sensor, or the battery of the garage opener. Try diagnosing where the problem originated from.

Is tuck under garage visible?

Tuck under garages can be either visible or invisible from the front of your house. It depends on the design of your house and the alignment.

At the end of the post, tuck under garages has both advantages and disadvantages. They are the best option for those having little space in their yard and trying to have an aesthetic-looking house. These garages can be hard to build. You will have to suffer in the long run if it isn’t done properly.

So, make sure to get yourself the best professionals to build an amazing under-garage tuck.

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