How Wide Is a 3 Car Garage (Everything Explained)

3-car garages are very common due to their convenience. They are great for families with children, make parking easier, provide extra storage, and add to the resale value.

The extra space you need for a 3-car garage is relatively more affordable than you think. If you are planning on building a 3-car garage, here are some details you need to know.

The article discusses how wide is a 3 car garage should be.

3-Car Garage Dimensions (Depth X Width)

According to the standard, a 3-car garage should be between 30 and 34 feet wide.

The depths, however, remain the same as the 2-car garage, which is between 20 feet and 24 feet.

Therefore, we get an area between 620 sq ft and 816 sq ft.

Again, between cars and the sidewalls, you need to have at least 2 feet 5 inches. It will allow enough space for one to move freely.

With this depth and width in mind, a 3-car garage may have single or double-wide garage doors. They can range from 8 feet to 16 feet wide.

3 car garage dimensions
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What is the Minimum Width/Depth of A 3-Car Garage?

At the bare minimum, a 3-car garage is 20 feet in depth and 30 feet wide. However, you may go for this dimension if only you have limited land space or your cars are small in size.

Even if you can fit three cars in a 20×30 sqft garage, there won’t be much room for movement.

Therefore, you should opt for no smaller than 24ft x 34ft when you have three cars or big cars. In addition, go for an even bigger space if necessary.

For instance, if you own an SUV or truck, 34 feet and 24 feet may not be enough for width and depth. You may have to go up to 36ft minimum for width and 25ft for depth.

Other widely used sizes for a 3-car garage are 38feet by 26 feet and 40ft by 30ft.

3 car garage interior dimensions

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A quick glance at the table gives you an overview of the measurement for a 3-car garage,

3-Car Garage MeasurementWidthDepthUsage
Minimum20 feet30 feetFor small cars such as Sedans, small storage space
Maximum24 feet34 feetFor bigger cars such as SUVs, Storage space
Maximum26 to 30 feet36 to 40 feetFor bigger vehicles such as trucks, Big storage space, Workstations

Why This Width & Depth is Ideal for a 3-Car Garage?

If we consider the sizes of our cars and want to include other amenities such as workstations, we may have to go up from the standard measurement. 

The average depth we got is 22 feet. It allows most cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs to pull into the garage easily.

You can also allow the door to close, leaving space for you to walk past as you enter the house.

Similarly, with 32 feet width at minimum, three vehicles will fit comfortably, leaving room for car doors to open and close with ease.

However, in such a width, you can comfortably fit small cars. For bigger vehicles, you may need to add to the width value.

Does the Minimum Dimension of a 3-Car Garage Work for Different Cars?

The 3-car garage that works for one person might not work for another.

Here’s an example of how it may not work,

If a person has three small cars, it may take up to 18 feet of the width of the 30 feet-wide garage.

The person should keep a recommended space of 2ft 5 inches between the cars and the side walls. Hence, he will need another 10 ft of the garage width.

With 2 feet’s remaining, the garage provides room to move comfortably, allows storage capacity, and so on. But what about a person who owns two SUVs and one small car, such as a sedan? Is the minimum width enough?

Here the cars will take up to 20 feet of the width of the garage. He will need to use another 10 feet from the width to make spaces between cars and the side walls.

As a result, he is maxed at 30 feet, resulting in a cramped and crowded garage.

The measurement again changes for bigger vehicles such as trucks or if you plan to make a workstation.

Facts When Deciding 3-Car Garage Dimension

When determining your 3-Car Garage Dimension, consider these facts:

  • If you only use your garage to store small cars, stick to the standard dimensions.
  • For bigger cars, you may need to add to the width mostly.
  • Consider the size of your cars.
  • Add to the dimension if you are planning for extra storage.
  • Increase the dimension if you plan to have a workbench or shop.

Why Are Garages So Much Wider Than Cars?

In general, garages are much wider than cars. For a 5.5 feet wide car, your garage may have 16 feet-wide parking space. So what’s with that extra width?

Well, over the years, cars are getting larger, and designers aim to provide homeowners comfort by adding that extra garage space. You can get in and out of your car with ease.

Besides, the garage doors are typically 5 to 6 feet long, and you need room to swing open your garage door freely.

In Conclusion

How wide a 3-car garage? It depends, though, on the size of your cars or the usage, but there are standard measurements.

To fit small cars a 3-car garage needs to be 30 to 34 feet wide and 20 to 24 feet deep.

 For larger vehicles, storage spaces, or workstations, the standard is at least 36 feet wide and 25 feet deep.

It, therefore, differs based on the type or size of your car and how you choose to use the garage area.


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