9 Steps To Program A Jeep Garage Door Opener Quickly!

A Jeep garage door opener is essential to keep your Jeep safe and close to your house. However, a faulty garage door opener can be a real headache.

The problem worsens if the garage opener isn’t programmed and reprogrammed after some trouble. Have you ever wondered how to program a Jeep garage door opener?

First, know your controller type. Then, focus on the control panel’s button’s functions. Set the code to default if you want to reprogram the garage door opener. Now, insert a new code while finding a backup. Finally, click on the smart key inside the garage to finish programming the door opener.

It can be a pain sometimes while programming the garage door opener. Follow the Jeep’s manual to finish the door opener programming properly.

Some serious issues are at fault for an automatic Jeep garage door opener.

How to Program Jeep Garage Door Opener? 9 Steps

Many sources on the internet explain how you can program your Jeep’s garage door opener. But most sources are unreliable.

So, we’ve created a simplified step-wise guideline for you to program a garage door opener easily.

Step 01: Confirm Controller Type

Two types of controllers are used to open a garage door. One is a remote device with a ‘Program’ or ‘Learn’ button fixed on the wall.

Another resembles a control box with three to four LED buttons on the rearview mirror.

If you don’t find it in the rearview mirror, look at the visor or the console to see the controller.

Step 02: Observe Control Panel

Now, observe the button arrangement, light indicators, and functions of the lights on the panel.

Follow the Jeep manual to know more about these buttons. It’ll help you to set new codes for the garage door opener.

Step 03: Click On The Program Key

To start programming, tap the ‘Program‘ or ‘Learn‘ button on the keypad. You’ll find arrow-marked buttons or buttons marked with the ‘up’ and ‘down’ sides on the keypad, depending on your Jeep’s model.

Click on the arrow-marked key and the program buttons three times to clear the system properly.

Generally, it takes three to ten seconds for the system to respond, varying on the Jeep’s model.

Step 04: Set To Defaults

If you’re resetting the garage door opener code, follow this step. Otherwise, you can skip it.

  • Click on the desired button on the keypad and check if the indicator light is flashing.
  • Take your remote controller near the keypad button while holding the buttons. At the same time, tap and hold on to the controller.
  • Hold the button until it changes to solid color or flashes swiftly.
  • Next, click and hold the programmed button and watch the indicator light. The programming is done if you notice solid light.
  • Click the programmed control key twice to finish the process.
  • There’s a rolling code system if the light flashes swiftly. Press the program button twice again to complete reprogramming.

Step 05: Insert New Code

Inserting a new code is elementary. First, choose any number or letter combination of the new code. Then, choose something easy to remember.

Step 06: Find An Intentional Replacement

Follow this step if you frequently lose your remote control transmitter:

  • Park your Jeep inside the garage.
  • Choose the buttons on the rearview mirror’s keypad.
  • Follow the previous instructions to reprogram the garage door opener.

Step 07: Press The Sides

Tap on the two side keys and hold them for 10 to 20 seconds. Release the side buttons once you observe the light flashing.

Next, choose a key to the remote you’d like to replace.

Finally, tap on the remote button and desired key simultaneously. The process is complete when you see twinkling lights slowing down.

Step 08: Find The Main Source

The program is unfinished if the light is still blinking instead of solid color. Go inside the garage and find the ‘smart‘ button. Click the smart button and return to your Jeep.

Now, tap on the button you reprogrammed. The garage door will open or close while holding the button for 1 to 2 seconds. Repeat this procedure a few times to move the door swiftly.

Step 09: Carefully Keep The Remote

So, you’ve completed the garage door opener programming process. So, you don’t need the remote to open the garage door.

However, you don’t know when the remote transmitter might come in handy. So, it’s better to keep it safe in an emergency.

garage door opener remote

Reasons Behind Garage Door Opening Automatically

Have you ever wondered why the garage door opens automatically? Several reasons are responsible for moving the door spontaneously. Here are a few reasons why the garage door opens on its own.

Signal Overlapping

Garage openers can easily catch radio signals, even your neighbor’s Jeep signs. So, it’s not surprising that your garage door opens automatically.

Jammed Safety Sensor

Today’s garage openers are equipped with sensors that operate when a light beam hits the door. Unfortunately, loose wiring and dirt accumulation can interrupt the sensor’s functions.

Jammed Control Buttons

It’s a common issue if the control buttons are old and dirty. Consequently, the buttons are stuck in the pushing position for a long time.

So jammed control buttons and damaged wiring are the prime reasons behind the opener’s uniform speed.

Defective Circuit Board

The remote transmitter and opener are equipped with complex and sensitive circuit boards. These circuit boards wear out with time.

As a result, your Jeep’s garage door might open spontaneously. The door lights twinkling without any reason confirm the defective circuit board issue.


Programming a Jeep garage door opener isn’t a serious job. But programming the opener is essential to keep your Jeep safe and sound from thieves and harsh environments.

Reprogram the door opener carefully if you’ve been using it for a long time.

However, follow the steps above correctly to program your garage door opener successfully. Almost most Jeep models follow the same procedure.

But it’s ideal to follow the exact method according to the provided manual.

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