How To Hide Water Heater In Garage [7+ Easy Ways]

Water heaters are not always good-looking, even for your garage’s aesthetics. The big clunky bodies with all their fittings make things look messy and unorganized. That’s why you must wonder how to hide a water heater in a garage.

There are many options available to hide your water heater in the garage. Depending on the longevity and cost, you can either use curtains, screens, or build around an enclosure like a cabinet or closet to hide your water heater.

Let’s get started with it, will we?

Creative And Easy Ways To Hide Your Water Heater In A Garage

If your water heater is ruining the look of your garage with all the pipes and vapors coming out of it, you may need to hide it. Hiding a water heater in a garage is relatively easy and inexpensive compared to hiding one inside your house.

You can use cheap and less durable methods like:

  • Using a curtain
  • Using screens or dividers

Expensive and better-looking options are:

  • Closet
  • Cabinet
  • Barn doors or swinging doors

Things While Hiding Water Heater In Garage

The method you’re going to use to hide your water heater will ultimately depend on the following factors:

1. Cost

Considering the fact that hiding a water heater is not that important, you may not want to spend much on it. But the good news is that you can use DIY methods in your home to hide a water heater in the laundry room or the garage.

Your enclosure selection will depend on how much you’re willing to pay.

2. Safety And Durability

Since our garage is located near the home and has many important things, notably our cars, so it must be safe. Therefore, the material should be strong enough to withstand the vapors and heat. It can catch fire if it is not kept at least 55mm away from the heater.

You wouldn’t want something that doesn’t quite match the hardness of other things kept in your garage. So make sure you go for a durable option.

3. Available Space

Don’t forget to measure the space. You need sufficient space around your water heater and the plumbing system to enclose them. Then, buy the materials according to the area available.

4. Aesthetics

Aesthetics is another factor in your garage! Since it’s a garage, this factor may not come into consideration for many people. But someone who wants to keep their workspace neat and well-organized should choose an option that matches the theme of the garage.

5. Use Curtains To Hide Your Water Heater

Hanging curtains is the simplest and most cost-effective way to hide your water heater. Although it seems like a temporary and less durable solution, it can turn out to be contrary if done right.

Make sure your curtains are hanging at a considerable distance from the heater. Then, match it with the colors of your garage. You may switch between colors after a significant time.

Curtains to hide water heater
Source: Duo Ventures Blog

6. Use Divider Screens

Another easy and portable option is using screens. They can be of two types: divider screens or tall standing shutters. They are pretty sleek and can be designed with paint or stickers according to your preference.

They are pretty inexpensive. You can make them in your home using simple supplies from the local store. It’d cost you around 20 bucks to make a curtain. But they are not as durable as other options that we will describe further.

7. Build A Cabinet To Hide Your Water Heater

Hide water heater using cabinet

Building a cabinet around your water heater is the best way to hide it. If you have no problem spending some bucks, you can conveniently get your heater a good-looking, durable enclosure. They can be both freestanding and fixed to the wall.

You can use either wood or iron for this purpose. For example, you can build a cabinet with the help of some old pallets of wood from your backyard. Refurbish and use them properly.

How To Make A Cabinet To Hide A Water Heater?

First, gather all the necessary tools and supplies, including:

  • Studs
  • Stapling gun
  • Staples
  • Screws
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Paint
  • Luan


  • Cut four long studs according to the height of the water heater. Next, cut 8 short studs and make pocket holes in them.
  • Make a frame by connecting the long studs with the short ones with pocket screws.
  • Cut plywood sheets according to the frame’s size.
  • Place them over the frame and use a staple gun to staple them.
  • Make a door using the frame and plywood.
  • Connect the door with the cabinet.
  • Use screws to fit it onto the wall.
  • Finish by painting the cabinet.

Make A Closet To Hide Your Garage Water Heater

A closet works similarly to a cabinet. The basic difference is that cabinets are subtle and are designed to keep many things in order.

If your garage already has a cabinet, you can reshape it according to the size of your water heater. Then you can move it over your heater and put a door in front of it.

Customize A Barn Door Or A Swinging Door

If you have some extra space around your water heater, you can consider getting a barn door or a swinging door. They will add so much to your garage. You can build a barn or swinging door if you have basic skills.

You can customize them with your carpenter. Make sure you use glass in the front, so it becomes easier to see if anything is wrong with the heater.

Can You Enclose an Electric Water Heater?

Yes, you can safely hide your electric water. But before enclosing them, ensure you’re keeping a safe distance between the heater and the enclosure. Additional heat can cause damage to the enclosure and, in worse cases, can cause a fire.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the floor also. Any leakage can damage your floor and the enclosure. If you’re not sure about it, get help from a professional.

Be Careful With The Gas Heaters

Enclosing a gas water heater includes some potential risks. So, you have to be tricky about it. However, there are some basic rules to follow to avoid these problems:

  • Ground and roof clearance should be at least 40 inches.
  • Ensure you keep a minimum distance of 6 inches between the enclosure and the heater.
  • Don’t use flammable objects near the pipeline.
  • Using a closet or a cabinet for gas water heaters is better.
  • Make sure the heater is easily accessible.
  • Avoid using curtains.


Now that you know how to hide the water heater in the garage, you can start analyzing the cost and other related factors. First, choose a suitable method that is durable, fits your garage, and matches your budget.

We suggest using a closet or cabinet to hide your water heater. They will provide you with a long-term service. They will also make your garage look sleek and allow you to operate your water heater when necessary.

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