How To Get Hummingbird Out Of Garage? (5 Quick Ways)

When it comes to hummingbirds, usually they spend their much of time flying and searching for food. They can fly with almost no oxygen. Being a very active bird, sometimes they may get stuck inside your garage. When this happens, you have to be very careful.

Because if you do anything wrong, you may end up harming the hummingbird. So, you need to know how to get hummingbirds out of the garage correctly.

If you don’t know how to do that, in this article, I will show you some effective ways to get the job done.

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Why Hummingbirds Might Fly into the Garage

Although they are quite small, hummingbirds have a faster metabolism than many animals. As a result, they are always in search of food.

Needless to say, one of their favorite food is nectar which is found in colored flowers. So, their tiny brains are always attracted to different colors like red, yellow, purple, or orange.

Typically, in every garage door opener, you may find a red colored released handle. This release handle plays an important role which can be observed by the law of unintended consequences. That red-colored thing more or less looks like a flower.

So, when a hummingbird roams around your garage, it sees the red handle and thinks of it as a flower. Then, it tries to collect nectar from that handle and failed.

At that moment, most of the birds turn around and leave. But, some hummingbirds try to investigate further and fly up.

That is how hummingbirds entered the garage and get trapped. One of the common characteristics of a hummingbird is they always love to fly up. That is why they don’t escape the garage through the open garage door.

Finally, the hummingbird becomes stuck in the garage room and of course, it needs help. In the next section below, I will show you some ways you can follow to help the bird for escaping the garage.

How to Get Hummingbirds out of the Garage? 5 Steps

If somehow a hummingbird got trapped in the garage, you may need to take some steps to get it out. There are a couple of ways you can follow to complete the task.

Whatever method you follow, just one thing to keep in mind is don’t do it in a hurry. Because harming a hummingbird can be a super easy task.

Step 1- Open up Garage Doors and Windows:

You can initiate the entire process by opening up the windows and doors. Make sure that the hummingbird has all options open to fly out from the garage.

If wildlife or bird get trapped in any place, make sure that the level of human contact is low. In many cases, the bird may fly out to make your life easier and you may not need to touch it.

However, when it comes to a hummingbird, it may not escape quite easily and it might need a significant amount of human involvement. A hummingbird needs to feed very frequently. So, if it is trapped or stuck in the garage, it can be quite dangerous for the bird.

Clear the area of the garage carefully. Kids, pets, or any other things that can create a distraction to the hummingbird should be removed from the garage area.

Step 2- Turn off All Lights:

In the next step, you should turn off all the lights inside the house. The natural light should come inside the garage from the exit points. If the hummingbird senses that the light is coming from the outside world, it may fly out.

Step 3- Lure the Hummingbird:

If the first two steps are failed, you should initiate the next step which is luring the hummingbird. As this bird is easily attracted to the colorful object, you can easily lure a hummingbird to the outside of the garage.

To complete this task, you can use a red hummingbird feeder or any other colored object. Now, you need to hang the feeder or other objects near the garage. When the bird sees this object and if you are lucky enough, the hummingbird will move out of the garage.

Step 4- Use a Broom:

At this point, you can use a broom to get the hummingbird out of your garage. By using the broom, you can try to prod the bird in the correct direction. Make sure not to accidentally harm the hummingbird.

Use broom to Get Hummingbird Out Of Garage

Firstly, you need to see whether the bird follows a cue and moves to the expected spot. Also, try to perch the bird on your broom gently. However, hummingbirds have very weak legs. So, never force the bird onto the broom.

Otherwise, you may break its leg. If you are successful in perching the hummingbird, slowly take it to the door of your garage.

Then, it will fly off automatically. If the bird doesn’t take off, you should try to take the broom to a nearby tree and leave it there. By this time, you must close the garage door.

Step 5- Contact Professionals:

If the above-mentioned methods don’t work, you will need to consult with professionals for assistance. It is quite obvious that the state wildlife agency may not come only to rescue a single hummingbird.

But, still, you may find a wildlife rehab agency for assistance. When you talk about professionals, they have the necessary skill and training to deal with wildlife. So, hopefully, they will be able to help you to rescue the hummingbird from your garage.

Some Helpful Tips to Keep Hummingbirds Out of Garage

Typically hummingbirds are attracted by bright colors such as orange and red. The fact is in most of the overhead garage doors, you will find the emergency release handles installed which are red.

That is the main reason hummingbirds get attracted to the red handle and eventually get trapped in a garage.

Besides, they are also attracted to other colorful things like can labels, bikes, colorful toys, etc. Below I will give you some tips which will prevent the hummingbird from entering your garage.

  • The garage door should be closed if possible. If your yard has colorful flower plants, you should be extra careful.
  • Try to paint out the garage door’s emergency handle (used for manually opening the door) with an alternative dark color. If you do so, a hummingbird will not be attracted to the garage door anymore.
  • If there are any bright red or orange objects in the garage, you should try to keep them out of sight. If you cover them with a dark cloth, that will be fine

Wrapping Up!

No doubt, the hummingbird is one of the cutest birds in this world. They look quite beautiful when they fly. But, when they get trapped in the garage, it is quite frustrating for you and the bird as well.

So, it is necessary to get it out from there as soon as possible. In this article, I tried to give you some ideas about how to get hummingbirds out of the garage.

I hope it was helpful and you will be successful if you follow the steps properly.

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