How To Cover Garage Walls For Your Next Party? [Easy Ways]

You might not always find a venue to host a party. Even if you do, sometimes it can be out of your budget. The best solution to this is choosing the garage of your house.

Being a host, you want to be comfortable in your space, like your home. But your garage will need a few preparations. Do you know how to cover garage walls for parties?

You can drape the walls with fabrics to cover the walls of your party. Also, attaching wallpapers will give a festive look to the occasion. But if you are looking for more permanent solutions, installing drywalls, painting the walls, or even installing plywood covers might help.

Without any more delay, let’s get right into how you can cover those stained walls of your garage and make them party-ready!

Easy Ways To Cover Your Garage Walls For Party

Most of the time, the walls of garages don’t give you the party vibe. Or it is dirty from all the junk. Before hosting a party, be sure to cover garage walls. You can either make permanent or temporary changes to make your garage ready.

Temporary Covers

Temporary covering for your garage walls is the best option if you don’t intend to use it frequently for parties. Also, in the case of themed parties, you can change the wall covers from time to time.

It is also a cheaper and time-saving alternative. But every time you host a party, you will have to install the whole set of your garage over again.

●      Draping:

Using colorful fabrics or curtains, you can drape your garage walls. This will temporarily cover all the stain marks or hide anything you don’t want your guests to see.

Set up rods on the top wall and hang the fabrics from there. This is the best cover to use for a theme party.

You can use drapes of different colors by coordinating with the theme. Photography drapes can be used to do the draping on the walls.

Draping to cover garage wall

●      Wallpapers:

You can easily use wallpapers to cover your garage walls. It looks much better than drapes hanging from the wall. Also, its different patterns and designs look more promising for a party than a plain wall painting.

Wallpapers, like confetti wallpaper, can add more colors to your walls than any other method of wall coverings.

Permanent Covers

You can also choose to cover the walls permanently. Making fixed changes to your garage walls is a long-term plan. Besides, it is much more costly than other options.

It will take time, energy, and effort to prepare your garage for a  party permanently. Also, if you are one to hold parties often in your garage, this space will require proper maintenance.

The outcome depends much on the items you choose to use. And if the finishing is not done correctly, it might not look how you wanted it to. You might want to have it done professionally in these cases.

●      Plastic Covering:

These are wall coverings made of plastic. They are lightweight and easy to clean. Also, they are resistant to moisture. This is a good choice for wall covering if you live in a humid place.

wall cover plastic

●      Plywood Covering:

Plywood sheathing can be used not only on the interior but also on the house’s exterior. They can be further painted if you desire.

This covering can endure hits, so you can easily hang hooks to take care of your tools. But unfortunately, they are not moisture-resistant. You will have to seal them properly to make them resistant to moisture.

●      Painting Walls:

Another option is to paint the walls of your garage permanently. Choose a color you like.

Use water-resistant paint to cover the walls. These paints will allow you to clean the walls if necessary. It will give your old garage a new look in an instant.

●      Drywall Covering:

Drywalls are hard wall covering that can be installed to give a clean look to your interior. It can hide the unwanted attributes of your garage.

You can quickly put up party decorations on them, giving you flexibility when decorating for a party.

●      Foam Mat:

Foam mats are great if you are looking for noise-canceling covers. You do not have to attach it to the walls. So, no fixed changes or renovation is required.

6 Easy Steps/Tips Before Covering/Hiding Garage Wall For Party

No matter which one you choose, you still have to apply it properly on your walls to cover up the garage walls. Your decorations will not look so good if the old wall behind can be seen.

Let’s find out how we can cover the walls to make the garage ready for a party.

Step 1: Clean The Garage And The Walls

Installing permanent covers can be troublesome if the walls are not clean. Dirt can be visible over the paint. And adhesives usually don’t work as well on dust.

So before starting to cover the walls, you must clean the walls to ready your garage for a party.

Clear the junk from inside the garage and take your car out to set up for a garage party. Remove the tools or other valuable things from the walls to a safe place if you have to.

Step 2: Measure The Walls

To cover the walls with drapes or wallpapers, you will need to know how much material you require. Measure the walls to find appropriate-sized drapes or cut out wallpapers accordingly.

To cover walls permanently, cut plywood or drywall per requirement for the walls. And find paints that will have good coverage over the walls.

Step 3: Hang Drapes

One way to do that is to attach steel rods on the top of the ceiling of your garage wall that needs to be covered. Find curtains that cover the walls from the top all the way to the garage floors. Hang them from the rod to cover the walls.

You can also hang them using wires or clips. But it is very tough to secure them in this manner.

Step 4: Paint The Walls

You should consider painting the walls if you are someone who regularly throws parties for friends and family. This will significantly reduce your work and give you a good time without all the extra work.

A woman painting garage wall

Buy high-quality paint that is water-resistant and can be cleaned. Make sure to wear safety gear before coloring. Choose your preferred color and apply it to the walls with a brush or roller.

Make sure to reach the corners, so the old color does not show. Please wait for it to dry, and then you are good to go!

Step 5: Garage Doors

Hiding only the walls is not enough. Keep the garage door in mind while covering the walls. As it is the entrance to your party, it will be a noticeable feature in your décor.

It is best to color the door. Paint both sides of the door beforehand. Keep the color matched with your décor and walls.

Step 6: Decorations

If you do not want to use these cove ideas, you can always decorate the walls. Install the proper decorations to go with the theme of your party. If you further want to highlight your walls.

Garage decoration for party

Wall decorations are available in almost every super shop. Use balloons, cardboard cutouts, signs, posters, etc., to hide particular spaces on your walls. It will help to cover stains, pinholes, and whatnot!

Add Some Finishing Features To Look Garage Wall More Professional

Whether a birthday party or a graduation party, you can always add something to make the walls even more fascinating.

Accent lighting can make your drapes or paint look mesmerizing. You can do a lot with lighting at a much lower cost. This will enhance the flow of the drops, which is visually appealing to the eyes.

Moreover, use ironing the drapes to give them a slicker look. Wrinkled drops or curtains do not go well with any party. Ironing them will keep them in place and provide a more professional look.

Also, match the table clothes with the color of the walls. You can use plastic table clothes or fabric ones to do so. This will make the entire soothing ambiance in the garage, and everything will look appropriately in sync.

Final Words

Your garage can be a great place to hold parties. And frankly, covering the garage’s walls is necessary for many reasons. This article on how to cover garage walls for a party tells you how to get your garage ready.

Hopefully, you have some valuable ideas and can use them for your parties. You will not have to tidy up the place whenever you hold a party like in other rooms. Now, don’t wait any longer and throw your party!

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