How Much Does It Cost to Paint Garage Walls?

How much does it cost to paint garage walls? Factors like paint quality, wall painting procedures, garage painting equipment, and preparation should all be noted before responding to this question.

Without considering the material prices, the typical cost of fully customizable garage walls may be anywhere from $336 to $553 each day for labor. The overall price will be between $4,000 and $6,000.

Let’s jump further into this article so you can discover how much it will cost to effectively paint garage walls, along with how you can do it yourself.

An Overview of Garage Wall Painting Costs

Depending on the type of paint you use, how much labor will cost, and the current condition of your walls, painting a garage wall typically costs between $1 and $4 per square foot.

Painting the walls of your garage is a wise decision if you want to improve the appearance of your house. The cost of repainting the walls might vary based on numerous factors. Perhaps, the following table will give you an estimation to paint the walls of your garage –

Costs for painting320 sq ft$116$84
Basic costs for labor8 hours$597$245
Costs for painting supplies320 sq ft$24$21
Cost for power wash (optional)2 hours$120$49

Cost of Painting Garage Walls, Broken Down by Garage Type

Before you start the process, it is crucial to know how much it will cost to paint your garage walls, whether it has one or three cars.

If you are unsure of the square footage of your garage door, the following table will provide a quick summary of various garage types.

Garage TypeCost
One-car garage$100 – $230
Two-car garage$120 – $500
Three-car garage$170 – $680

National Average Cost

For painting garage walls, the national average cost of material is $0.31 per square foot, with a range of $0.26 to $0.36. With a typical range between $1.17 and $2.45, the total value of supplies and labor per square foot is $1.81. An average project of 300 square feet costs $543.23, with expenditures ranging from $350.29 to $736.18.

Your area, the size of the work, the state of the walls, and the finish selections will all affect how much it really costs to paint your garage walls.

National Avg. Cost of Painting a Garage
For materials per sq ft$0.31
For labor and supplies per 300 sq ft$543.23
The range for labor and supplies per 300 sq ft$350.29 – $736.18

Cost Breakdown for Garage Wall Painting

The total price will depend on the individual costs of labor, materials, and the size of the wall. We have broken down the cost to paint a garage wall based on these factors.

1. Labor

In the majority of the time, About 85% of your total expenses for painting garage walls will go toward labor, with 15% going toward materials.

If you hire a professional to paint the walls of your garage, you will have to count the labor charges. Usually, this costs from $20 to $50 per hour. Typically, a professional needs between two and eight hours to do the job, based on the wall’s size and the complexity of the job.

2. Materials

Paint, oil primer, rollers, masking tape, and cleaning tools are usually needed. If you plan on repairing any damaged wall before painting it, you might also require repair supplies.

However, the wall’s construction material—such as concrete, ceramic, wood, metal, etc.—also affects the expense. Overall, you should budget between $65 and $155 for these supplies.

3. Size

Larger garage walls are more expensive to paint than smaller ones since they take more time and resources. For example, you may have to spend between $100 and $230 for a one-car garage, whereas painting a three-car garage wall might be worth anywhere between $170 and $680. Consequently, the price rises with more square footage and more labor hours.

Paint Garage Walls By Yourself: Cost, Tools, Paint Type

Even though it typically takes a professional from 2 to 8 hours to paint the garage walls, this may take longer for you. The task can be difficult and may require more time when you need to scrape off a lot of the old paint.


You may save money by painting a garage wall by yourself since you will just need to spend money on supplies. You may completely avoid paying labor charges, which typically range from $20 to $50 per hour.

Consider it a DIY approach, and you may anticipate saving at least $100 or possibly much more.


The following tools may be purchased at any department store or your neighborhood hardware shop. Typical tools include the following:

  1. Interior paint
  2. Rags and cloth
  3. A broom
  4. Dish soap
  5. Bucket
  6. Paint tray
  7. Edge brush
  8. Paint roller (with a 9-inch extendable handle)
  9. Concrete filler

Once you have gathered these tools, you may begin painting the walls of your garage.

Paint Type

The total price to paint the garage walls also depends on the variations of the paints. These are the two types of paint that are widely used –

  • Oil-Based Paint: These are the finest paints for outside garage walls. Although they take longer to cure, they are more resilient than latex-based ones.
  • Latex-Based Paint: This is the most popular choice for painting garage walls. They cost a little bit less than their equivalent, oil-based ones.

Suggestions for Painting the Garage Wall

Whether you are hiring a contractor or performing the work yourself, take into account some of these suggestions:

  • Always acquire multiple quotes before selecting a skilled painter to know exactly how much to budget.
  • Employ a professional painter who provides written estimates that include labor, material, and any possible supply expenses.
  • If you are not planning on putting the same paint on your garage walls as your house, at least maintain a similar hue.
  • After you and the painter have completed an inspection, do not approve the project.

Bottom Line

We guess you have a perfect price estimation if you are wondering – “How much does it cost to paint garage walls?” To recap, the total price to paint the garage walls depends on various factors.

If you think the process is complicated and pricey, you can do it by yourself (since we already mentioned some benefits of it).

However, we strongly advise hiring a qualified painter to handle the work because it is less effort if you are absolutely new to this or have never painted a wall before.

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