How Much Do Garage Doors Cost To Replace or New [Explained]

A brand-new and elegant garage door boosts the beauty of your house immediately. In addition, they provide curb attractiveness, energy savings, and increased property value.

Unfortunately, it can be upsetting to repair a garage door because homeowners rely on them to keep their cars and valuables safe and secure. But your home’s garage doors are more than just a decorative element. So, if there is any harm or damage, it indicates it’s time to replace it. But how much do garage doors cost?

Installing a brand-new garage door can cost about $750 to $1600. This includes the cost of labor and other parts needed. The cost of a new garage door is influenced by various factors such as garage size, door type, location, labor, design, material, etc.

Replacing garage doors might seem to be a difficult job for you. But a little research will help to ease your mind. This article will come to be your savior. So please give it a thorough read!

When Is The Time To Replace Your Old Garage Door?

Everyone wants their garage doors to look appealing and perfectly functioning. But this may be hampered due to some reasons.

Your garage door will probably not break down suddenly. They will show you some signs before collapsing. You must capture those and select the perfect time to replace your old broken garage with a brand new one.


A high-quality garage door can last up to 20 to 30 years. But there is no guarantee. After 10 or 15 years, it may wear out, or some parts may tear. But it depends on how frequently and aggressively it was used and the materials too.

Upgrade From Manual To Auto

The world is changing every day. Everything is upgraded from manual to auto. Why not garage doors?

Using it more smoothly and quickly without wasting physical strength is the main reason behind this upgrade.

Damaged Door

Weather and insects can damage your garage door, which is made of wood. On the other hand, rust and dents can quickly decrease their lifespan if made of steel or aluminum. Finally, damage done by your car does not need to be mentioned.

Improve Curb Appeal

The garage door illustrates the exterior of your house perfectly. A modern garage door is an easy way to refresh your home’s appearance and raise its curb appeal to neighbors and potential purchasers.

Doors can be found in many designs and hues to complement your home’s decor.

Improved Functionality

Sometimes, your old garage door can cause high blood pressure. Why cope with that old, malfunctioning thing?

Replacing it with a new one will make it easier to close or open the door, let alone smoothen.

Incorrect Size

Suppose your garage door is narrow enough that you cannot park your car easily. On the other hand, if it is too big, of energy. So, both are hassles.

Replacing those unfitting doors with the correct ones is the only possible solution.

Craftsman Garage Door
Craftsman Garage Door

Average Garage Door Cost

The average cost of installing a new garage door is approximately $1200. This fee will cover replacing the existing hardware and tracks and uninstalling the old door. Remember that this predicted average garage door replacement cost can vary. The specifics of your project will influence the exact cost.

You might decide to have a straightforward steel garage door or non-insulated aluminum built on dated tracks, often for as little as $500 total, if you need to be incredibly cost-effective.

On the other hand, owners wishing to overspend may spend up to $4,000 on high-end renovations. At this cost, a replacement may be a double garage door that can fit two cars and is constructed of a more fashionable material, such as glass or wood.

Factors Affecting Garage Door Cost

Many factors are at play here that affect the cost of replacing garage doors. Here’s our take on the matter.


An average garage door installation costs $300 in labor. Depending on the site and the number of installed doors, the price might fluctuate from $200 to $500.

Since labor expenses are determined by how the process takes to complete installation, the door type has no bearing on them.

Geographical Location

Due to regional price variations, the price of a new garage door can vary depending on where you live.

Another concern is a requirement for strengthening in some regions to stop garage doors from collapsing in strong winds. Local safety standards will indicate the materials not suggested for all locations regarding doors.


Here are some common types of garage doors that you should consider before installing your new garage door.

  • Roll-up

This door does not slide into ceiling tracks; instead, it crawls into a bundle. The styles available are sectional and one-piece. Roll-up doors don’t need a lot of maintenance or repairs and are durable.

It can be challenging to install, though. The whole project might cost anywhere between $650 and $2,370 to install a garage door.

  • Glass Roll-up

These doors are made of aluminum or steel frames with movable glass panels. The device rolls up in pieces. It comes in insulated and uninsulated glass.

They’re more expensive and less common than other roll-up garage doors. The average price ranges from $850 to $5,950.

  • Single Panel

Manual garage doors are frequently made of single-panel construction. These include a spring-and-hinge mechanism that makes it simple to raise the door open physically. These doors might provide a safety risk if the door springs are not maintained.

This look may be purchased for between $400 and $1,200.

  • Tilt-up Canopy

Two gear joints on either side of a single solid-material tilt-up canopy door allow it to be raised to the garage ceiling. The door spreads out over the garage like a canopy and swings to the driveway when fully opened. While opening and shutting, this design makes a little more noise.

This tilt-up canopy type typically costs between $500 and $1,500.

  • Tilt-up Retractable

The difference with the previous model is that this door won’t extend outside the garage, but the door panel needs a little more space to move.

The price range for a tilt-up retractable garage door is $600 to $2,000.

  • Sectional

Aluminum, glass, and other materials can all be used to make sectional doors. They continue to be a preferred option for homebuyers because of their versatility.

Sectional doors often have high-tension springs built into them to prevent the door from falling when it is not fully opened. They open vertically.

A sectional door can be installed for between $750 and $2500.

  • Carriage

It is made with two open doors that swing out in the middle. The carriage door gives your house a classy, historical look. It comes in various shapes and designs, some with rounded or arched tops. Occasionally, it has windows.

The average price of installation is between $980 to $6,130.

  • French

It is a glass double door that opens outward in the middle, just like conventional French doors. But it has many drawbacks. Due to the abundance of glass, it is not a very common form of garage door and is not ideal for insulation.

The typical price range is from $1,670 to $5,170.

  • Walk-through

It has an embedded walk-through door in a garage auto door and frequently calls for a unique garage door design.

Isn’t it fascinating? Yes. But too expensive, $1,000 to $4,750 is the average cost of this door.

Door TypesCost
Roll-up$650 – $2,370
Glass Roll-up$850 – $5,950
Tilt-up Canopy$500 – $1,500
Tilt-up Retractable$600 – $2,000
Single Panel$400 – $1,200
Sectional$750 – $2500
Standard Panel$300 – $800
Walk-through$1,000 – $4,750
Carriage$980 – $6,130
French$1,670 – $5,170


The size of your garage plays a vital role in choosing the perfect garage door, as the price to install a new garage door increases with the size of the garage.

With a significant cost overlap between similar sizes, garage door dimensions are largely standardized. The enormous cost range is due to the different prices of the materials.

Based on your garage size, you can budget your garage door cost with the below-mentioned standard sizes.

SizeCost Range
1 Car Garage$500 – $2500
2 Car Garage$1100 – $4700
3 Car Garage$1600 – $7000

Number Of Garage Doors

The price increases with the number of doors. Single garage doors that span the breadth of a garage entrance are often the least expensive option. Double garage doors follow this cost. And this goes on for custom doors too.

Number of DoorsCost Range
Single Door$600 – $1,500
Double Door$800 – $3,500
Custom DoorOver $1,000


Although you have additional material choices, most garage doors are composed of inexpensive aluminum or steel. You can choose a more fashionable material, like wood or glass, or a vinyl door that requires less maintenance if you’re ready to spend more money on your garage door installation.

Here is a list of the most common materials used in garage doors and their prices.

MaterialsCost Range
Steel Garage Door$600 – $2000
Wood Garage Door$900 – $4000
Aluminum Garage Door$700 – $2100
Fiberglass Garage Door$1000 – $2100
Vinyl Garage Door$1000 – $2600
Wood Composite Garage Door$700 – $4300

Manual Or Auto

Most consumers dislike manually opening and closing their garage doors. Thankfully, there are a variety of automatic openers on the market.

A manual door will cost you between $600 and $2,150 and having it automated will increase project costs by between $200 and $1,300, including labor. The primary distinction is an automatic garage opener.

Be sure to include the cost of an opener for the garage if you’re replacing one that already has one in your budget. Installation of an automated garage door opener varies from $225 to $525.

These can be added to both existing and new structures. They usually have a keypad that can work with remote controls. The costs for additional remotes range from approximately $25 to $60.

Cost Analysis – DIY or Hiring A Professional?

You may have observed that garage doors are sold in big-box hardware retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot. You could be tempted by the quoted costs to try to install a garage door alone to save money.

However, because of the garage door systems’ size, weight, and intricacy, it is better to leave the heavy work to the experts. For example, the opener must be positioned precisely, the tracks must be parallel, and the springs must be wound accurately.

Contact a garage door contractor nearby for a perfect replacement within 4 to 6 hours for an average price of $300 rather than taking a chance on harming yourself or your garage.

How To Save On Garage Doors?

It is not necessary to buy the most expensive garage door available. With some planning and research, you can find the most suitable door for your garage.

So, here are some tips for you to follow to reduce the cost of buying a new garage door.

  • Stick with a simple design
  • Buy straight from the manufacturer
  • Install the door by a qualified independent contractor
  • Choose the add-on features you must have
  • Skip any extras out of your price range
  • Maintain your garage door regularly
  • Get a garage door with a warranty
Garage door installation

Replacement Cost Vs. Repairing Cost

Repairing is less expensive than buying brand-new ones, which cost more. Depending on the design of your garage door, the average cost to repair is between $150 and $375.

Repairing, however, is not always the answer. In these circumstances, a replacement is the only choice left. The situation with your garage door is the same.

For a professional to replace a garage door effectively costs between $750 and $1550.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does a garage door last?

Generally, a medium-priced garage door is expected to last 20 to 30 years. But many factors, such as weather, rust, and accidents, reduce their lifespan.

Is it possible to install a new garage door on old tracks?

Yes, you can install a new garage door on old tracks if they are the same type of doors. Otherwise, it would be best if you changed the tracks too.

How long does it usually take to install a new garage door?

It takes approximately 4 to 6 hours to install a new garage door. But this also depends on the door type and the installer’s ability.

Bottom Line

Your garage door is not just a symbol of the beauty of your house. It is so much more than that. So the owner has to take good care of that and replace it when needed. Otherwise, it will hamper both the beauty and security of your house.

This article aims to help you with all pieces of information about how much garage doors cost. So, just go to any garage door market, online or offline, and hunt down the perfect garage door according to your needs and budget. Happy housewarming!


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