Garage Door Extension Spring Size Chart[How to Pick Them]

The garage door extension springs are a lifesaver. It keeps you safe from various unwanted incidents and injuries due to the force of the garage doors during opening and closing.

So, you need to get the best extension springs and install them in your garage. Knowing the garage door extension spring size chart for a better view would be best.

The garage door extension springs have typical color codes that indicate different sizes and weights. The colors are red, yellow, tan, blue, green, and white. For the 7 feet garage doors, it shows different stretch and weight points. The same goes for the 8 feet doors, as they are the most common size for garage doors.

You should know the weight and height of your garage door to pick up a suitable extension spring. Otherwise, a wrong spring won’t be able to handle the force. 

Garage Door Extension Springs

Typically, the garage door stores its weight on horizontal tracks when it opens. The garage door will remain open, and you don’t need extra support. It’s possible only because of the initial tension of the springs that helps to counterbalance the door’s weight.

Garage door spring

The cable and pulleys stretch the extension springs. An S-hook secures the connection of one end of the line with a horizontal track angle, and the other end of the cable is attached to the bottom part of the door.

These springs are designed to withstand the weight of the door. It can stretch out half of the garage door’s weight. So, the springs are under full tension whenever you close the door. It helps to raise the door.

Extension Spring Size Chart For Garage Doors

It’s crucial to get the compatible springs for your garage door. Otherwise, any imbalance to counter the weight of the door might cause severe injuries.

Don’t worry; we will introduce you to color-based extension springs to help you choose accordingly. Let’s take a look at the chart:

For 7 Feet Tall Garage Doors

Extension springs vary based on the height and weight of the garage door. Here’s the spring size breakdown for garage doors that are 7 feet tall:

Red25-42-15025000 double loops150 lbs
Yellow25-42-13025000 double loops130 lbs
Tan25-42-10025000 double loops100 lbs
Blue25-42-14025000 double loops140 lbs
Green25-42-12025000 double loops120 lbs
White25-42-11025000 double loops110 lbs

For the 7feet tall garage door, a 25-inch extension spring can stretch up to 42 inches and has 25000 double loops. Here’s a visual explanation of extension spring details.

For 8 Feet Tall Garage Doors

Some garage doors can be as tall as 8 feet. So you need to know about the following spring size chart if your garage door is significantly larger.

Red27-48-15025000 double loops150 lbs
Yellow27-48-13025000 double loops130 lbs
Tan27-48-10025000 double loops100 lbs
Blue27-48-14025000 double loops140 lbs
Green27-48-12025000 double loops120 lbs
White27-48-11025000 double loops110 lbs

For the 8feet tall garage door, a 27-inch extension spring can stretch up to 48 inches and has 25000 double loops.

Determining Factors Of Extension Spring Size

The correct spring size depends on various factors (not limited to door size). It would be best to consider those facts if you ought to buy some extension springs for your garage door. Here is the guide on how much does cost to replace a garage door spring.


To check the exact measurement of the extension spring, you need to get a micrometer and measure the diameter from two different spots. Then take the average value from your report.

Wire Diameter

Please check the wire size of the spring. Use the middle spot for the measurement. That’s because the end coils tend to run large.


To measure the spring length, you need to disassemble the garage door. Lift the door manually and use a vice grip beneath the wheel to keep it in position. After that, get a tape measure to get the length of the spring.


It’s pretty easy to get the garage door weight with a mechanical bathroom scale. Knowing the garage door’s weight is essential because you can’t find a proper spring size without it. If your door weighs more than average, you might need longer springs.


Door height matters to get the compatible extension spring. A small spring won’t be able to handle the weight and stress of the garage door and may collapse.

End Type

Extension spring has three types based on the end loops despite the color codes. The single open loop is made for lightweight garage doors.

You can use a double closed-loop suitable for mid-weight garage doors. And lastly, the clipped end springs are for the heaviest-weight garage doors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the garage door springs too strong?

Yes, the garage door springs are too strong for kids and even untrained adults. A door spring can damage the garage door opener. It will roll up quickly and use too much force while opening to ensure safety.

So, if you go unprepared to open the garage door with springs, you will be knocked over by sudden force.

Is it possible to overwind your garage door springs?

You can, but it’s way too dangerous to try out. For example, while over winding the torsion springs on your garage doors, they can break during the process. But if the garage door springs are under the wind, it can also cause several problems.

What’s the lifespan of a garage door spring?

The average lifespan of a garage door spring is about 14 years. However, if you install the door spring correctly, it can last about 10000 cycles.

So, when you open the garage door once a day, it will last about 14 years. However, the lifespan can be reduced depending on the usage.

Final Words

Extension springs are handy in counterbalancing the door’s weight. In addition, they are safer than torsion springs. Therefore, most people want to install them in their garage. But it’s crucial to know the variation of the extension spring sizes to get the most suitable one.

Hopefully, the discussion has shown you the correct garage door extension spring size chart and the correct determining facts. Now you can research and observe for a bit before buying an extension spring. Best of luck!


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