How To Make A Diy Retractable Garage Door Screen? [Step By Step]

A garage screen provides solitude and deters insects without making you feel reclusive. The best part is that you can install this by yourself. So, how to make a DIY retractable garage door screen?

First, prepare by obtaining the necessary tools. Next, decide what size door you require. Then carefully measure the garage entry, so the door is correctly trimmed to fit. Afterward, use the mounting screws to secure the door in position and verify that the door is functioning correctly.

Your garage is more than just a space for your car. It might become a completely different world with the right door screen. You can even take it far further and turn it into a piece of art. It’s up to your choice!

How To Install A Retractable Garage Door Screen

A retractable screen door is an excellent replacement for a conventional sliding screen door. If you’re not used to DIY undertakings, mounting your first retractable screen could be frightening. 

So, here are a few simple instructions for building a retractable garage door screen yourself.

Step 1: Preparation

Ensure you have every necessary tool and component on hand before beginning to install the new screen door. Among the essential tools are:

● Screwdriver

● Tape measure

● Portable or electric saw

● Drill bits with a power drill

● Sharp-nosed pliers

● Two Pan-head screws

Remember that the required equipment may vary based on your door type.

Step 2: Determine Door Size

To decide the door size, you require to measure the door frame. Then, stretch a measuring tape from the uppermost rail’s height to the bottom rail’s top.

To get the required length of your entrance, check the entire width of the garage door, reduce that figure in half, and afterward add 1/2 inches (1.3 cm). 

The majority of screen doors will range in size from 30.5 inches (77 cm) to 48.5 inches (123 cm) wide and 78 to 80 inches in height (200 to 200 cm).

Step 3: Trim The Screen Door

Pull the screen doors. The retractable screen door moves effortlessly, similar to a window shade.

It consists of an aluminum storing cartridge measuring 2 inches square and a fiberglass film wrapped up within it. 

The cassette is placed above the entryway lengthwise. Start by cutting the storing cartridge and screen to the correct width with a hacksaw. 

The distance between it and the opening’s width must be 1/8 in.

Step 4: Replenish The Parts

Replenish The Parts

Replacing the plastic end covers on the disc once it has been cut to size is as simple as snapping them back on. Repair the screen handle as well.

Step 5: Put The Mounting Clips

You should fasten two metal fastening hooks to the door’s top covering. Ensure that each clip’s concave lip points inward toward the door frame. 

Mount Clips must be installed 16 inches from the door frame’s top and bottom. Check this video for a better understanding.

Mounting Clips

Step 6: Install The Storage Cassette

Place the storage cassette into two support clips after carefully raising it to the peak of the entrance. Then you have to draw a horizontal straight edge below the cartridge around each side casing.

Step 7: Fix Each Side of the Track

Four 112-inch screws should be used to attach every side track to the doorjamb. You must tighten the screws after separating the weatherproof protection using a small piece of plastic pipe.

Step 8: Check The Screen Door

Lift the screen several turns up and down to check the door. You have to ensure the bottom locks tightly and that it always stays inside the side tracks. 

It is worth noting that the screen pressure is manufacturer-set. Remove an end cap from the cartridge and roll the screen slightly tighter to make adjustments.

You can also check this video to learn better.

Benefits Of Retractable Garage Door Screen

Everyone will enjoy the straightforward, inexpensive, and fashionable solution of adding a retractable garage door screen. 

Here’s how adding a bespoke garage door screen can increase the value of your home.

Smooth Performance

Both manual and automated retractable garage door screens are accessible. While the latter has a controller that facilitates proper functioning, the former uses a crank system to raise and lower the screen. 

In either case, garage door screens are robust and lightweight, resulting in smooth functioning.

Exceptional Views

Your garage door screens are typically exposed all day. Screens are difficult to look through because they collect dust and other material. 

A retractable screen door remains concealed if not in use, preventing it from accumulating the dirt that other screens do. As a result, the dust haze will finally be gone, allowing you to take in the scenery.

Bolster Security

The screen door is the ideal approach to establish a second line of defense between the goods and possible robbers looking to make a speedy getaway. 

They are discouraged from doing so since they know opening a screen will increase sound, movement, and focus.

Save Cash

If you stay in your garage, you know how warm it can get during the summer. 

A garage door screen allows you to turn off the AC and ensures that the entire space is well-aired. As a result, it will significantly reduce your utility costs.


A retractable garage door screen will make your garage a functional space. It will keep the pests out while permitting access to sunlight and clean air.

We hope to have gone through every aspect of the DIY retractable garage door screen in great depth. The retractable screen operates effectively and is simple to install.

Adding one is possible if you have a few hours and a vulnerability issue. So put yours to turn your uninteresting garage into a place for grad night, workplaces, or recreational areas!

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