Cheapest Way To Heat A Garage – 8 Methods You Can Try

Garages are more than just giving your car home. We spend most of our time doing important outdoor chores, repairs, projects, and heavy work inside the garage. But working inside your garage in the winter when it’s freaking snowing outside is impossible. So, what is the cheapest way to heat a garage?

There are many options available to heat your garage, including environment-friendly options, ductless heaters, radiant floor heating, electric ceiling panels, wall-mounted electric heaters, forced air heaters, and infrared heaters. The cheapest options include a propane heater and a wood stove heater.

Let’s have a look at the ways to heat a garage. Choose the best one to keep your garage warm and yourself comfortable in the winter.

Why Should I Heat My Garage?

Garages are an inseparable part of our houses. They are a one-way destination to store junk, tools, and heavy items besides parking our car. We also do our craftwork, repair, play board games, and video games, and most of the time use it as our home gyms.

But it becomes almost impossible to work in the cold garage during the winter months. That’s why it is necessary to select a good heating option to keep your garage workshops warm. Even if you don’t use it for any apparent reason, it is extremely beneficial for your car.

A warm garage will help with the ignition of your car and provide a better battery service. What’s better than stepping into a warm car or a warm garage on a cold winter morning?

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Heating Option

There are some important factors to consider before installing a heater.

Size Of The Garage

One of the first things to consider is the size of your garage. Remember that 10 watts are sufficient for a square foot of space. Buy a heater according to the size of your garage.

Also, keep in mind the space the heater would need to occupy inside your garage.

How Powerful Should The Heater Be?

Make sure you do a proper calculation to get the BTU and the wattage right. The voltage of the heater should not cause damage to the power outlet.

Better Heaters Require Better Maintenance

Here’s the fact: if you’re willing to spend a good amount of money on a good heater, you’ll have to spend more on its maintenance, including cleaning and servicing.

However, if you don’t want to pay much attention to it, go for space heaters or simple electric heaters.

The Heater Must Be Safe

Safety is one of the biggest concerns. Overheating of the heater or any leakage can cause a fire in your garage. That’s why it is better to choose heaters with overheating protection and tip-over mechanisms.

Installation Cost

Some heaters are fairly inexpensive but require more installation. To save the garage heater installation cost, you can opt for DIY methods or choose portable heaters. They are quite easy to carry and operate.

Noise Of The Heater

Garage heaters can be very noisy. If you want peace in your garage while you’re working, consider buying an electric garage heater.

Electric rof garage heater

Insulate Your Garage Now

Insulating is a cost-effective way of keeping your garage warm. Proper insulation will prevent the outward radiation of heat and store the heat inside the garage. You can easily insulate your garage door by following these steps:

  • The very first thing to do is to seal the air leaks. The air leaks will allow rapid movement of air inside your garage, lowering the temperature. Use expanding foam insulation to cover those holes. You can also use weather stripping on the garage windows, doors, and ceiling to seal the air leaks.
  • Insulate your garage walls and garage roof by simply putting blankets over them. You can also get professional help to install fiberglass on your walls.
  • The garage door counts for most of the space that allows the exchange of air between the outdoors and the inside of the garage. That’s why they should be insulated properly. Use garage door insulation kits to get it done easily and prevent heat loss.
Insulating a Garage door
Source: YouTube/ Mr Fred’s DIY Garage School

Solar Panels: An Environment-Friendly Heating Option

One of the best ways to heat your garage is by using solar panels. As you know, it is one of the best forms of renewable energy. If there is enough sunlight, you can sufficiently heat your garage with 10–12 solar panels, which will generate more than 4,000 kWh every year.

The total setup includes

  • Solar panels
  • InverterPanel mounting
  • A system to monitor the process
  • Battery

The good news is that the prices of solar panels are decreasing. You need to pay an average of $2.50 per watt for solar energy. Do not hesitate to invest in the best quality solar panels as they will stay with you for a longer period.

Portable Heaters To Use In A Garage

Portable heaters are good options to heat your garage. They will save you on installation costs and are very handy in day-to-day usage. There are mainly two types of portable space heaters that use either electricity or other sources of fuel.

Electric Space Heater

Electric space heaters are super easy to carry around. You can easily place them in front of you and instantly get a warm feeling around you. Conventional electric space heaters involve air circulation or emit infrared radiation to lower the temperature.


  • Portable unit
  • No need to pay for installation
  • Inexpensive


  • Can cause fire hazards
  • Not energy efficient
  • Not suitable for a wider uninsulated garage
Electric space heater

Combustion Space Heater

These space heaters use other sources of fuel, including kerosene or propane.


  • Cost less than electric space heaters
  • Works efficiently during power outages
  • Can quickly warm up a medium-sized garage


  • Energy costs
  • Fuel odor
  • Production of injurious gases including Carbon monoxide

The Cheapest Methods To Heat A Garage

These options are relatively more inexpensive than others. The cost to heat a garage depends on many factors. We have chosen for you two of the cheapest ways to heat a garage below.

Propane Heater

If you’re looking for an efficient, inexpensive heating method that will quickly provide you with some warmth in your garage, then a propane heater is for you. They use liquid propane as fuel and can raise the garage temperature to 140F.

The problem with propane heaters is that they are not marked as safe overall. You need to be very careful while using one. Make sure you get the one with a tip-over switch.


  • High efficiency
  • Inexpensive


  • Risk association
  • Can cause Carbon monoxide poisoning
Propane heater

Image: Propane heaters. Source: YouTube/ WildcatWilly

Wood Stove Heater

The traditional wood-burning stove heater is a steady method of producing heat inside your garage. This is suitable for people who need to produce heat for a prolonged period.

But the installation is expensive for a wood stove heater. You need a solid concrete floor and a connection with a chimney.


  • Can produce heat over a prolonged period
  • A great option if you have a fresh supply of wood


  • Installation requires professional help
  • Risk of fire breakouts
  • High maintenance
Wood stove heater
Image source: Directstoves

Other Heating Options For Your Garage

You can install a long-term heating system as a permanent solution in your garage, which includes:

Heating By A Mini-Ductless Splitting System

Ductless heating includes two units: an outdoor compressor and an indoor air-handling unit. They don’t require air ducts, unlike central heating options. They look more appealing than other heating options.


  • Saves Energy
  • Environmental friendly method
  • Can be installed in various places including the wall, floor, or ceiling.
  • Gives off an aesthetic vibe for retrofits.


  • Require
  • regular maintenance
  • The upfront cost is more

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant heating is different from other heating options. Here, the system heats a surface instead of the air. Radiant heat is a perfect match for garages.


  • Can be installed on any surface (floor, walls, ceiling)
  • Generates heat more sufficiently than other options
  • Generates no noise.


  • Most expensive professional installation
  • Can cause damage to the surface by accumulating moisture
  • Lengthy process

Electric Ceiling Panels

Radiant floor heating

An electric ceiling panel is a great heating option if you don’t want to compromise on the look of your garage. These energy-saving panels are engraved in the ceiling of your garage.


  • Works quickly
  • The primary source of heat
  • One of the energy-efficient options


  • Heating is uneven in larger areas
  • Requires maintenance cost

A Wall-Mounted Electric Heater

Wall-mounted electric heaters are a great option to heat your garage as they are easy to install and ensure safety. You can install them by yourself, just mount the heater, plug it in, and start using it.


  • Ease of installation
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Requires minimum maintenance


  • Uses too much electricity resulting in more electric bills.
  • Distribution of heat requires more time.
Wall-Mounted Electric Heater

Forced-Air Heating System

A forced-air system is a compatible option to heat an entire garage. They work by receiving air from your home, heating it inside the heating elements, and sending it back into circulation through duct systems. The installation process requires professional involvement.


  • It costs less than duct heating and infrared heating system.
  • The propane or gas line of your house can work as the energy source
  • Effectively heats a big garage


  • Produces noise
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Air contains debris and dirt.
  • Requires frequent duct cleaning.

Infrared Heater

If your garage is not insulated, this could be a good option for you. They generate infrared heat by using low-intensity infrared tubes.


  • Saves energy and minimizes waste
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Versatile sources of energy including electricity, natural gas, or propane


  • Not suitable for larger areas.


In this article, we’ve tried to show you both the expensive and the cheapest ways to heat a garage. The decision should depend on your budget, maintenance, and need. If you want to go for an inexpensive option, get a propane or wood stove heater. If you are willing to spend more there are many expensive options available ranging from electric heaters to ductless heating.

You can also use a patio heater in a garage. It’s now up to you to choose the best option to provide you with a comfortable temperature in the colder months.

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