About Us

Hey, I am Ramiro Garcia the creator of Garage Ever. I am an engineer and working in the automotive field for many years. I am also a blogger who creates useful content and helpful information that can be used by others.

Why Did I Create This Blog?

Here I just wanted to share with you how I came up with the idea of creating this blog. A few years ago I was trying to find a solution for storing grease in my bike chains, locks, and other tools so they wouldn’t get rusty. But it was really hard to find a good place for them.

So I thought maybe there are some other people who also have this problem and that’s how the idea came to my mind that I can create a blog. Maybe I would share guides related to Automotive Garage.

So after spending a few months on research I finally started this blog. I hope it will be helpful, especially if you are looking for your garage-related resources /product recommendations, and more.

Below are some resources about automotive Garage: